Basic Vehicle Control Skills CDL Practice Test

Your basic control skills could be tested using one or more of the following exercises off-road or somewhere on the street during the road test:
– Straight line backing.
– Offset back/right
– Offset back/left
– Parallel park (driver side).
– Parallel park (conventional).
– Alley dock.


Straight Line Backing – You will back your vehicle approximately 100 feet in a straight line between two rows of cones (or other like objects). The lane will be 12 feet wide.

Offset Backing To The Left Or Right – You will back your vehicle into a 12 foot wide lane of cones (or other like objects) that will be offset to your left or right. You will have 100 feet of space to make the turning movement if you are in a straight truck, or 140 feet if you are in a combination vehicle. You will finish with your entire vehicle inside the 12 foot lane.

Parallel Parking Driver Side Or Passenger Side – You will be required to back your truck into a parallel parking space. The parking space will be defined by cones (or other like objects) and be 12 feet wide and 15 feet longer than the total length of your vehicle. You will be asked to maneuver into the parking spot from either the passenger side or the driver side, but not both. You must finish with your entire vehicle inside the parking spot.


Alley Docking – You will be asked to back your vehicle into an alley dock defined by cones (or other like objects) from a position 90 degrees to the left of the alley. You will have 50 feet of space to back into the alley dock if you are in a straight truck (CDL –B), or 70 feet of space if in a combination vehicle (CDL-A). The alley dock will be 12 feet wide and at least 40 feet deep. You must finish with the back edge of the vehicle within 3 feet of the back cone.

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